Thursday, September 29, 2022

themeless no. 18.5


here, have a midi! no reason!

this post is dedicated to my mother who routinely says motherfucker but once grounded me for a month in seventh grade because she felt that i was saying 'crap' too often.

for all the crossteenies playing along on twitter, this is NOT the puzzle i have been tweeting about for the past few days. this is actually a stopgap measure that happened, by chance, to have temporarily alleviated the out-of-control nausea i was feeling about not posting here all month because i've lost control of my life. but, uh. that's a blog post for a different day. or maybe just a different blog.

this puzzle was edited by will nediger (or maybe by kate? who's to say. it's almost like i'm telling you where this puzzle got pulled from)—surprise! and then un-edited by me—wahoo!

[ FULLSCREEN (for a midi? really?) | PUZ | PDF ]

Sunday, August 28, 2022

themeless no. 18

and not a moment too soon! i had some way, way, way overdue things i needed to get off my plate, as well as the chance to construct for lollapuzzoola (congrats to EVERYONE, you’re all winners, i loved seeing photos of the weekend), but as soon as i got those done i set to work on this! i love it. it's fun (i hope)! it's a themey themeless (the theme is, idk, stuff). i hope you like it, too. 

i’ve once again eschewed test-solving, so please let me know if you find any typos.

pet some dogs for me; wear your sunblock and re-apply every two hours; don't wrap pickles in tinfoil for a picnic, it makes them taste weird! xoxo


Monday, August 1, 2022

happy national crayon collection month from crosstina & kate


(we didn't have this test solved 🤞🏽)


Thursday, July 28, 2022

themeless no. 17

happy friday! here's a puzzle. it's deep summer, so that's...all i've got. i hope it's fun. be safe, stay hydrated, wear your sunscreen (and reapply every two hours).


p.s. this wasn't test solved! no one has vetted it! you'll just have to trust me. it was made in a shroud of secrecy and we'll talk about how much anxiety that gives me some other time.

p.p.s. aforementioned anxiety makes me want to defend this incredibly uninspired grid skeleton by saying this puzzle was originally intended for something else until i said 'fuck it crosstina eats first' and made a blog puzzle instead.


Friday, July 1, 2022

happy national anti-boredom month from crosstina & kate!

how do kate and i fight the good fight against boredom this month?

it's simple, really! we write all the clues for a puzzle in a marathon session on a thursday night and then realize we did something wrong and have to strip that puzzle down to the studs and REWRITE IT on friday morning.

have a great weekend, folks! wear sunblock and be safe. we love y'all.


Saturday, June 25, 2022

themeless no. 16 ½ (feat. will eisenberg)


boy are y'all in for a treat: i'm pleased to announce will eisenberg's crosstina debut! how did this come to pass, you might ask? well, the story is quite simple: i demanded it. be the change you wish to see in the world!

screenshot of me demanding that will let me clue his puzzles for him
if you aren't sure who is who in this conversation, i can't help you

we wound up doing TWO grids together and now you, dear reader, have the distinct pleasure of solving the world's first Half-Baked™ Hot Crosstina Buns™. 

will's notes:
[ed. note: all will did when asked for a comment was stare into the middle distance and start laughing. he's still going, he hasn't stopped—it's been days. i think i broke him?]

thanks to alex for test-solving! applets below the jump, pdfs and fullscreen links here. bon appetit!

Saturday, June 18, 2022

themeless no. 16


this puzzle isn't themeless— it's more of a mood than anything. it's the puzzle equivalent of someone being like "hey are you okay" and you being like "yeah everything's good...but if someone hugged me i might start crying". let's call it a vibe check. if you solve this and are like "hmm, seems like she has a lot on her mind"—reader, i do! don't hug me!

it's been a little quiet around here—i've been popping up elsewhere, though, if you know where to look! i can't wait for some exciting other things to come to fruition soon to tell you about. i think that's all i've got for now. hug your dogs for me (this does NOT mean hug your cats if you don't have a dog).

kate tested this, so any complaints should go to her, actually.