Sunday, May 22, 2022

themeless no. 15

i would have put out a puzzle two weeks ago but, well, i was very busy with my print debut (imagine there are, just, infinite emojis here) (and by busy i mean 'i popped some g-rade and made a lot of people do my puzzle at proverbial gunpoint'). after that, my brain broke* and i threatened to walk off into the woods and never be heard from again. but i'm here now! i’m so here, i promise i'm here. crosstina will always be my priority— my child with whom i am well pleased.

not much else to say here! i hope this puzzle finds you well. i hope the weather is getting nicer where you are. get some sun, if you can. open a window, catch a nice breeze, and enjoy this with a generous pour of passionfruit gatorade on the rocks. that's an order. happy solving, xoxo.

*i spent a week trying to make a more challenging puzzle and then i was like 'why am i doing this to myself? this isn't fun. this won't be fun for anyone else, either, if i torture myself to make it'. so here's this puzzle instead. it makes me happy.

thank you to kate and quiara and brooke for their various kindnesses and assistance that kept me from actually walking off into the woods because it was a very genuine threat.