Sunday, April 10, 2022

themeless no. 12

whoomp, here it is.  

not much preamble for this one— i actually filled this puzzle three (3) unique ways in one (1) day, and ultimately resigned myself to this version as my best and final. in the immortal words of cher horowitz: it's a full-on monet. if you look too close it's a little ugly (i think i called it cardboard and horse glue?) but i am not displeased with the full effect of the thing. this grid was on the ambitious side, so the result is similarly...y'know what? i'll just let you look at it yourself! have a great week. 

p.s.- f's in the chat for this grid which, somehow, has none. no clue how i managed that.

thanks to franci, noted tom nook apologist, for the test solve!



  1. Your clue for 44-down is now going to pop into my head and make me laugh every time I come across that acronym in a puzzle, henceforth. Thank you.

    Did I use the word "henceforth" correctly? I wouldn't know because I can't read or do math.