Thursday, April 21, 2022

themeless no. 14

i thought we'd be here sooner this week, honestly. i had a complete grid last saturday but it was ugly. i spent monday and tuesday making three more grids...that i wasn't happy with. a few more iterations and mild crises later, here this is! i tried to make this one a little smoother sailing than #13, but we'll see how it plays.

this puzzle is brought to you by a 32 oz. jamaica, engaging in mutually assured destruction with crossfire, and mascaras with inexplicably horny names (i am here to DIS-endorse better than sex, perversion, and mile high club. in this house we love and support monsieur big, fetisheyes, and climax.) i would also like to note that i was lauded for showing 'admirable restraint' with one of these clues. it's called personal growth!

"""thank you""" to quiara for the test solve, and kate for being my 3am anxiety sounding board. if you're an avcx subscriber, you'll also be seeing a "themed" puzzle from me this weekend.

(p.s.— please let me know if you stream it!)



  1. I GUFFAWED (for real, out loud) when I got 4-down. And I'm going to guess that 20A is where you exhibited "admirable restraint"?

    Very fun solve... but how DARE you dredge up my repressed memories of the giant dinosaur omelet? That was the only way I could feed my 4 children when my failing professional gambling career (read: playing Cheat) put us in debt. At one point, times were so tough that I had to make contact with some VERY shady people in order to get access to the giant jelly (please don't tell the FBI). My children ate nothing but omelets and jelly for MONTHS while I forced them to battle in the fighting pits (don't mom-shame me, I did what I had to do!). Now that I'm thinking about it, tbh, this explains a lot of my current neurotic gaming habits (you don't even want to know what I get up to in animal crossing: new horizons). Anyhoo, thanks for the puzzle and HAGS! (have a great saturday)

    1. oh my god CHEAT and bread and butter....i was a single mom who worked two jobs, loved my kids and never stopped....

    2. OMG I forgot about destruct-o-match! I tried to go play some of the games just now (ice cream machine especially), but none of the games work without flash!! Maybe it's for the best, my relationship with the site was so toxic lmao